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Amhara National Regional State

The Amhara National Regional State (ANRS), with an estimated population of 17.7 million (as of 2002), encompasses Wag Himra, North Wollo, North Gondar, South Gondar, South Wollo, North Shewa, Oromia, East Gojjam, West Gojjam, Awi and Bahir Dar special zone. It covers total area of 161,828.4 square kilometers. This is about 11 percent of Ethiopia's total area.

The Amhara region is located 9°-14° N and 36°-40°E in Ethiopia's Northwest. The region is divided into three major agricultural climatic zones: highland (above 2,300 meters above sea level), semi-highland (1,500 to 2,300 meters above sea level) and lowland (below 1,500 meters above sea level) accounting 20%, 44% and 28% respectively. This varied ecology lends itself well to diversified agriculture.

The region's topography includes plains, gorges, plateaus, hills and mountains and its altitude ranges from a low of 500 meters to a high of 4,620 meters found at the peak of Ras Dashen. The Ras Dashen Mountain, which is found in North Gondar administrative zone, is Ethiopia's highest mountain and Africa's fourth highest mountain.

The region's rivers also have high potentials for irrigation development and electric power generation. The region's biggest rivers include Abay (the Blue Nile), Beles, Tekezie, Angereb, Athbara, Mili, Kessem, and Jama.

The region is one of the historically rich and worth visiting regions of the Ethiopia. It has a wide variety of both natural and manmade attractions. The region has considerable investment potentials to benefit for themselves and the region as well. There are many untouched investment opportunities in all sectors.

The region invites both local and international tourists to spend their leisure time memorable and enjoyable by visiting its natural and manmade attractions. Come and visit them. We guarantee you that you will enjoy it very much.

Once again we invite you to come and visit the region. For further information visit all the other pages. To contact the concerned sector bureaus, visit the contacts page.

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Logo and Emblem
Flag of Federal Democratic of Ethiopia (FDRE)
Regional Flag of Amhara National Regional State (ANRS)


The colors in the Amhara National Regional State emblem represents:
Yellow color Bright Future of the Amhara people in Socio- Economic prosperity
Red color Victorious devotion of the Amhara people for peace, democracy.
The Star Hope and trust of the Amhara people to live together with other peoples peacefully
The logo of Amhara National Regional State represents:
The agricultural sector
The Gear
The industrial sector
The Balance
Justice and democracy
The Lalibela rock hewn church
Historical heritage of the region
Fasil Castle
Historical heritage of the region
The Blue Nile fall
Natural resource of the region