BoFED News

Training on Internal Audit has been conducted

The Amhara National Regional State Bureau of finance and economic developmet bureau has given trainig on Internal Audit regulations and implemetations. Click below to see detail news.

Internal Audit trainig (.pdf)

2006 Fiscal year budget has been approved

The Amhara National Regional State has approved Budget for 2006 Ethiopian fiscal year. Click below to see the region's approved budget and revenue and exependiture for 2006 EFY.

Budget Awaj 2006 (.xlsf)

Budget and Expenditure 2005 EFY (.pdf)

U.S. Peace Corps Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Amhara Region.

U.S. Peace Corps Country Director for Ethiopia, Nwando Diallo, Signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Amhara National Regional State to expand the partnership between the region and the American volunteer agency and establish a regional volunteer support office in Bahir Dar.

Amharic detail (.pdf)

AmharaInfo V 1.0 is inaugrated

The ANRS president Ato Ayalew Gobeze said Information is the key matter for the acheivement of the regions growth and transformation plan. Ato Ayalew said this for the regions higher officials and other respected guests in the inaugration day of AmharaInfo V1.0 which is customized by Bureau of Finance and Economic Development.

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Financial transparency is a sign of development & good governance

The Amhara National Regional State (ANRS) is working to make regions budget allocation and utilization transparent with the help of PBS II (Protection Basic Services) project, which is planed and coordinated by the Bureau of Finance & Ecnomic Development .

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More than 100 weredas has started using IBEX system

Starting from 2002 E.C BoFED is setting up IBEX for regional bureaus inorder to facilitate and enhance the regions Budget Vs Expenditure the begening of this budget year (2003 E.C) 4 groups coordinated from the Treasury and ICT processes are moved inorder to configure and start IBEX system in the region's weredas.


NGO's contribution is indicated as it has a great part in the development of the region

The NGO's working in Amhara region are contributing great role in the development of the region acording to the statement of the bureaus public relations head ato Yohanes Worku.

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Family planning study has been done in west Amhara

The study was aimed on the society's understanding and usage habit of family planning to take apropriate solutions for the regional decision makers. The study covers 5 zones,2 city administrations, 18 weredas and 23 selected kebles in the west amhara.

Amharic detail (.pdf)